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New: Fully compatible with macOS Sonoma & Ventura 🎉

Easily control your Mac's data usage on slow or expensive networks. Stop wasting money on limited data plans.

Tripmode 3.2.0 running on macOS Ventura
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The leading macOS data saving app just got even better. Introducing TripMode 3.

Optimize your Mac's data usage by blocking unwanted background updates. Stay in control with the new live monitor and data usage reports. Discover the domains where your apps send your data.

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    Block unwanted background updates

    TripMode lists all the apps that are requesting internet access and blocks them by default. You can choose which apps get internet access and see their total data usage.

    🎉NEW: You can now also always allow internet access to newly detected apps, making it a perfect traffic monitoring companion. It's also great if you want to only block specific apps.

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    Install it and forget it

    TripMode remembers the networks you previously activated it on, so you don't have to remember to do it yourself. It also detects when you tether your iPhone and turns itself on automatically when you connect to a hotspot.

    Frankly, you can set it up once and never look back. That's how easy we want it to be.

    Automatically connect
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    Monitor your Mac's data usage

    Keep an eye on the network activity of your Mac with the all-new Live Monitor. It identifies and measures all the traffic on your Mac and displays it beautifully. Combined with the new detachable window, you can move it around, resize it, and easily spot the data-hungry apps at a glance.

    These are brand new TripMode 3 features.

    Drag and drop the TripMode 3 window in macOS Big Sur
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    Avoid data overage fees

    Set limits to avoid surprises with huge data bills. TripMode can warn you before you reach a limit that you've set and then block all data transfers.

    You can easily limit traffic to specific networks only, such as your mobile hotspot.

    Avoid data overage fees by setting limits
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    Analyze your bandwidth

    ✨New✨ Monitor the network usage of your Mac in real time with a speedometer for all your apps. Easily spot which apps create bottlenecks for your internet traffic.

    Tripmode 3.2.0 bandwidth monitor   ventura
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    Reveal insights about your data usage

    Check how much data your Mac used during the last day, week, or month and break it down by apps. Go one step further and check which servers and domains your apps interacted with at all times, allowing you to identify any suspicious data exchanges with third parties.

    Historical reports
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    Get more done

    Stop distractions and be more productive by setting custom profiles for work, video calls, streaming, gaming, or any scenario where you want your Mac's full bandwidth. Set TripMode to turn itself on or off at pre-determined times. Make the most out of your internet connection for every situation.

    ✨ New ✨: Added full support for AppleScript and Shortcuts, enabling infinite automations.

    Tripmode 3.2.0 scheduler   ventura
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A simple concept, done well

Your Mac doesn’t care whether you are connected to a mobile hotspot, a slow public Wi-Fi, or a throttled data plan. Many background apps will aggressively try to download content and updates from the Internet. TripMode stops that.

When TripMode is turned on, it prevents all your apps from accessing the Internet but those that you have allowed. It typically stops automatic updates, online backups, cloud drive syncs, and various background apps from consuming precious data.

Download TripMode for Free on the Mac App Store

A better and faster internet

Designed with Apple's latest macOS technologies, covering all your data saving needs

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    Hotspot detection
    TripMode starts blocking data automatically, the second you're connected to a mobile hotspot
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    NEW: Live monitor
    Keep an overview of all your Mac's traffic, even if you don't need to reduce data usage
  • Profiles red
    Switch between profiles to lower data costs, to reduce distractions, to improve streaming quality ...
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    NEW: Domains view
    Enhance your privacy: Check which servers your apps communicate with, spot shady analytics attempts
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    NEW: Reports
    Get reports of past data usage, per session, day, week, month, for all your apps
  • Calendar red
    Automate your data control depending on the time of day, link it with profiles

"Apple’s OS X does not have a “metered connection” setting built in, but you can monitor and manage network connections and downloads with third-party tools like TripMode."

J. D. Biersdorfer

"It has a really nice user interface, it's very easy"

John Gruber

"There was and remains nothing quite like it for the data-usage-conscious traveler. This revision improves on every aspect, and deserves a 5 mice rating."

Glenn Fleishman (about TripMode 2)

"One of my favorite Mac utilities is TripMode"

Jason Snell

TripMode 3 licenses can also be purchased from this website

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