Save data and money

TripMode for Windows 

Easily control your PC's data usage on slow or expensive networks. Stop wasting money on limited data plans. Get more done, browse faster.

⚠️TripMode for Windows is not actively supported anymore and won't receive new updates. Please try before you buy.

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TripMode automatically reduces your data usage when you are on a mobile hotspot, or on an expensive and limited network.

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    Block background apps & updates

    TripMode lists all apps that are asking for Internet access, blocks them all by default. You get to allow the ones that matter to you. See the total data usage. Set pre-dermined limits to keep control over your spending.

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TripMode for Windows features

TripMode for Windows was built to help you monitor and control data usage.

  • Hotspot detection
    TripMode will remember the networks it was connected to and turn itself on automatically
  • Monitoring
    See how much data is used, allow/deny apps to access the Internet
Built on Unicorn Platform