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TripMode 2 requires macOS 10.10 to 10.15 Catalina and is not compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Running macOS Big Sur? click here. 

Easily control your Mac's data usage on slow or expensive networks. Stop wasting money on limited data plans. Get more done, browse faster.

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TripMode automatically reduces your data usage when you are on a mobile hotspot, or on an expensive and limited network.

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    Block background apps & updates

    TripMode lists all apps that are asking for Internet access, blocks them all by default. You get to allow the ones that matter to you. See the total data usage. Set pre-dermined limits to keep control over your spending.

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    Block new apps

    Apps are blocked by default to help you save data. Allow internet access with one click!

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    Install it, forget it

    TripMode automatically activate on hotspot and will remeber your choice for every wifi.

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    Get more done

    Set custom profiles for work, roaming, podcasting, whatever your situation. Schedule TripMode to turn itself on or off at pre-determined times. Perfect for time-based data plans.

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TripMode 2 features

TripMode 2 was built to help you monitor and control your Mac's data usage.

  • Profiles
    Swap profile automatically to control your bandwidth usage
  • Scheduler
    Automatically switch profile based on a schedule
  • Hotspot detection
    Start blocking data hungry applications as soon as you connect to a hotspot
  • Custom data limits
    Control data use and take action per profile

TripMode reviews

"It has a really nice user interface, it's very easy"

John Gruber

"One of my favorite Mac utilities is TripMode"

Jason Snell

"Apple’s OS X does not have a “metered connection” setting built in, but you can monitor and manage network connections and downloads with third-party tools like TripMode"

J. D. Biersdorfer

"The first version received 4.5 mice, because there was and remains nothing quite like it for the data-usage-conscious traveler. This revision improves on every aspect, and deserves a 5 mice rating."

Glenn Fleishman

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